Introduction of sterilization methods for plastic bottle caps

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 In the process of using plastic bottles, the hygiene problems of plastic bottles are of great concern to us, especially the attention of the bottle caps. Because the cap is often in direct contact with our mouth when drinking, if there is something dirty on the cap, it may be brought into the body during drinking. Therefore, sterilization of plastic bottle caps is an indispensable process in the production process.


     There are several main ways to sterilize the plastic cap: 


    On the one hand, spraying type: using multiple sets of nozzles to spray sterilizing water in multiple directions, the surface of the beverage plastic bottle cap is sterilized, and the time of spraying is also required, so that the microorganisms can be completely killed. The specific method is: after the lid is closed, the bottle cap is uniformly inserted into the cap rail, and a plurality of sets of nozzles are arranged on the upper and lower sides of the rail, and each set of nozzles can spray the sterilizing water on the beverage cap from different angles, which both sterilizes the cap and pushes the cap along the track.

    On the other hand, immersion type: Immerse the plastic bottle cap in the sterilizing water, so that the bottle cap is completely cleaned by sterilizing water. The soaking time should also be determined according to the strength of the sterilizing water. Generally, the sterilizing water immersion time with strong oxidizing ability can meet the time requirement of complete sterilization of the cap in 10-20 seconds. One method is: the bottle cap with the same direction is fixed on the cap rack, the cap rack is connected to the chain, and the movement of the chain drives the cap rack into the sterilizing tank containing the sterilizing water and completely soaks the cap in the sterilizing water. The soaking time of the beverage bottle cap can meet the time requirement of complete sterilization of the cap in 10~20 seconds. As with the spray sterilization method, the bottle cap after the sterilizing water is immersed also requires the spray of sterile water and the spray of sterile air to make the liquid bottle cap dry and sterile.


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